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Analytic CRMs

Did you know that where you click on a webpage, how much of a video you watch, and just generally everything you do on a website is tracked? It’s not as creepy as it sounds, we promise.

Analytic CRMs report users’ actions on a website or app. Using this CRM allows you to collect customer information without having contact with them. It takes time and resources, something you don’t have much of as a small business, to contact individual customers to get their feedback of your site or app and a lot of times, they aren’t going to respond. Discovering where people are clicking on your website or what features they use most in your app allows you to create a better user experience and better product.

Analytic CRMs come with their own niches. Here are a few that we use in our business:

  • Crazy Egg is great for giving comprehensive heatmaps and scrolling reports for a website. It shows you where people are clicking, which is helpful in fine-tuning your user experience. If people are clicking on something that is not clickable, you should probably go ahead and change that. It also shows you how far people scroll down the page, giving you insight into whether you should stick with that single page website trend, or go to the classic multiple pages.
  • MixPanel measures actions taken by a user. Through its funnel feature, it can show you how someone clicked on a banner ad, came to the site, browsed your blog and features page, and then decided to sign up for a free trial. You can then use this information to identify where you are losing customers and take steps in order to fix it. Mixpanel’s retention feature allows you to see when people return to your app and how often. This gives you the ability to see if changes to your product affect people returning to you. You are also able to send non-users email reminding them of their membership or sending them a special offer if they come back (♫Baby come back♫).
  • Wistia is a video analytic CRM. It tracks what parts of the video the view watched, skipped, or rewatched. This tool allows you to identify the most engaged viewers through its individual viewer tracking. It saves individuals information so you can see how longtime viewers watch your videos compared to newbies.  With 90% of online shoppers saying a video would help in the online decision-making process, you better believe how important video analytics are.

Analytic CRMs are the private investigators of the internet. Not as creepily invasive as NSA, but still watching your moves.  They create the big picture of what is happening on your website or app user-side so you can make important business decisions that will steer the course of your product. After all, every decision made needs to have your customer in mind. Why not use the information they supply you to make the best experience possible?

What are the analytic CRMs that you find most helpful as you make decisions for your small business?

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